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1989 - Establishment of focused on production of oilfield additives Liaoyuan Chemical Factory;

2003 - The first production line of cellulose ether was founded in Puyang, Henan province;

2004 - The first batch of Tiansheng cellulose ethers was successfully supplied to the international market (South America, Europe, South Asia and so on);

2010 - Tiansheng Cellulose ethers were successfully REACH certified;

2012 - Tiansheng Group built a modern production base in Shandong;

2013 - Tiansheng Group, as one of the industry leaders, initiated and participated the preparation of the Chinese industry standard JC/T2190-2013 “Cellulose Ethers for Dry Mix Mortar for Construction”.

2014 - Shandong Technology Center was set up to provide technical support to domestic and foreign customers.

2015 - We installed a new production line of hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose ether (HEMC) with the biggest capacity, the most advanced technology and imported equipment.

2017 - Shandong Tiansheng Cellulose Corp., Ltd. was recognized as a “High-tech Enterprise”by the Science and Technology Commission of Heze City.

2020 - Tiansheng Group launched HEC production in Shandong

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